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My Cutlery Suitcase

How Do You Style A 1950's Suitcase ?

This little adventure started when my mom bought some new cutlery that came in a suitcase. After lunch with my family one afternoon, we helped her unload all the cutlery into the drawers. The whole time talking about this perfectly squared orange and grey suitcase, fit for someone from the 50's. 

After all was done, my mom wondered what she was going to do with this timeless yet precious suitcase. Throwing it away just felt wrong, there was a higher quality to the finish of this cutlery suitcase. Out of the blue, my brother naturally suggested that I find a way to style it since I write about fashion and all. All I could think of was how did I not come up with this brilliant idea, well a brilliant challenge actually. First of all the structure and build is not flexible and let me also point out that no one carries suitcases except for extreme hipsters. No judgement to my suitcase carrying hipsters. There was some work cut out for me but I was fully determined. It was only right especially since I always talk about creating "unusual outfits" and being "unconventional", I had finally found a unique creation that I didn't even think of.


FullSizeRender 3.jpg
FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Shout out to my mom who was sweet enough to be my photographer! Anyhow, in my attempt to style this historic cutlery suitcase I decided to dress myself in all black. I wanted the suitcase to shine, but in actuality I wasn't sure which colours went well with a muted orange and grey colour scheme. After this outfit, I realized everything goes with these muted colours because they are quite dull.

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Spectators FEEDBACK 

If you read my blog often, you'll notice I mention that people give me feedback when I'm wearing an unusual outfit. This suitcase had ongoing feedback from friends, coworkers and even just random people watching me hold it in public. It was quite funny.

Everyone's reaction was always the same, "Is that a .... real suitcase?" afterwards their mouths drop open while their faces show mixed emotions of amusement, shock and finally appreciation. They can barely handle what's happening but somehow they like it. 

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Style Suggestions?

Now that I've tasted the excitement and challenge of styling a fashion item outside my scope, I want to continue with something new each month. So feel free to message me here or on social media if you want me to style something and I'll do my best to try all suggestions.

keep your eyes peeled for some unique pieces coming to Style Adventures.