Wedding Season: Part 3

Striped Shirt From Simons | Culottes From Zara | Blue Pumps From Justfab


If you've been following along my wedding season series, you'll remember that buying a unique dress can save you money. Next it's all about the right material, a thick fabric holds your shape well and allows you to eat at the wedding hehe. But, what if you don't want to wear a dress to a wedding, what then? 

Ps, these rules can apply to any special event. 

When creating an outfit think of the following elements


Some colours that work wonders are blue and white, case in point. This colour mix is great for the summer time, it adds the "I own a yacht" tone to an outfit. Trust me ;) 

Add an excessive ring of choice to make a jewelry statement :)
Dressing for a wedding and creating an outfit for a wedding or event!

Also consider solid colours, such as a solid yellow shirt or white pants. That could mean your top and bottom are both solid colours or one is a solid colour.

The finish

To dress up an outfit make sure to pick dressy fabrics and unique patterns. Sheer tops, satin, cotton blouses, lace, chiffon and wool blends are all great finishes that enhance the quality of an outfit. As for unique patterns and structures, they don't have to be extravagant but consider stripes, a ruffle or scalloped trim neckline/hem or a wrap front top. I choose to go with an asymmetrical striped shirt and dressy culotte pants that have a fine finish. 

How to create an outfit for a wedding. Calgary personal stylist and wardrobe planner helping individuals create outfits for events.
Striped blue shirt paired with white culottes from Zara. Blue helels with anklet from JustFab.

shoes MATTER 

Alright, I understand that not everyone may be comfortable with the idea of heels, which is totally fair. The truth is heels make an outfit sophisticated, no question. BUT, remember that mini block heels exist and other heel alternatives such as pointed ballet flats with ankle straps. 

Calgary personal stylist, creating outfits for weddings and events
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