Sade Babatunde

Stripes & Fur

Sade Babatunde
Stripes & Fur

Striped Shirt Dress From Simons | Faux Fur vest From Zara | Leather Pants From Aritzia | Black Mules From TopShop

The Key To A Bigger Closet

One day, I peeked into my closet and say my fur vest hanging next to my stripped shirt dress. All of a sudden a light bulb went off in my head and I had to try them together. Now typically when I want to try something a bit odd or unusual, I get some questions about my sanity especially when its quite weird haha. Funny enough once I've created the look, people tend to appreciate it's uniqueness, and somehow think I have a lot of clothes. Think about it, when you see a painting in a different light or room or angle, it has a different effect on you. Same thing happens with outfits, when you recreate your clothes people think they're seeing something new, but really its a beautiful illusion that saves your wallet.

What i Love about tHIS outfit

Call me crazy but I absolutely love the opposing textures, the different colours and contrasting designs. I've noticed that when people pair stripes with a vest (especially a fur vest) the stripes are horizontal. So this really is an odd combo. Somehow, the blend of all these differences creates something unique that works - guess that why some call fashion art.