Summer Inspired

AAH .. Summer is here.

Beautiful hot weather.

long hours of daylight.

that summer evening breeze.

need i say more.



Favourite trends & styles to try.

Summer is for sure my second favourite season of the year (fall is number one sorry). Honestly I could write for forever about how great it is to have warm weather for 4 solid months in Calgary. That's a luxury we don't often get here in #YYC. On top of that, I LOVE the fashion freedom one has in these short summer months. I'm talking hats, slider shoes, high waist shorts, and the freedom to wear whatever without worrying about the cold, its blissful.

Halter Top From Zara | Cow Print Shorts from Zara | Hat From H&M | Ring from Nordstrom |

So about this outfit, in the summer I like anything that shows some skin but I always need some shade because the heat can be too real

OWN                                        WANT                                                 NEED 

OWN: I literally wear these everyday, not sure what life was about before my satin bow slides. They're a lazy, yet stylish option and I haven't found a single thing they don't go well with 

WANT: I see off shoulder dresses everywhere and I usually don't follow trends but this is just adorable. I also recently discovered a clothing store on Instagram that has a perfect off shoulder jean dress that I want to try so I think it's meant to be - Leone Clothing Co.

NEED: So these are just needed in my closet. Here's another trend that I have succumbed to and I'm not ashamed of it. Ever since Gucci put these on the runway, it went completely viral. They're effortless and stunning, easy to wear and pair with any outfit and I'm just waiting for the right one to join my closet.

Happy Summer beautiful people
— Your favourite stylist, KNIT ME UP