Pairing Clothes

.. Most of us have tons of clothes in our closet, but sometimes we forget how to be creative when pairing our clothes.

Sometimes you just need to take 5 minutes and look at what’s in your closet

First WHERE to? 

Do you want to look | Casual and Fun | Casual and Classy | Classy | Fancy |. If you don't know, then freely enjoy and create your outfit. I wanted this outfit to be Classy | Fashionable | Fun. 


Classy & Fun

When creating an outfit ask yourself how you want to feel when you wear it. For me, comfort and fashion are always priority.

Second, break your outfit down into TWO PARTS - Top half and Bottom half. Always try to contrast or properly compliment each half. EG. If you're wearing something TIGHT on TOP, wear something LOOSE on the BOTTOM to contrast.

Personal styling service outfit creation. Made by Knit Me Up

Top & Bottom

I choose two loose items for my top and bottom half - but my shorts cinch at my waist to create some shape

If you want to wear loose items on both the top and bottom half, you must define your waist line to give your body some shape! Or if you want to wear tight clothes on the top and bottom, make sure they're well fitted items and compliment the outfit with loose jewellery and or loose outer garments. 

Third, ACCESSORISE! Sometimes, if i'm feeling lazy I'll wear a chill outfit but dress it up with funky shoes, big jewellery or a statement bag or chunky heel. I'm sure your closet is full of all sorts of items you can use to accessorise your outfit. Add | Scarves | Rings | Necklaces | Hats |

Lastly, Have fun!!
— Your Favourite Personal Stylist, KNIT ME UP