Sade Babatunde

How to double your closet

Sade Babatunde
How to double your closet

BCBGMaxazria Top From Hudsons Bay | High waist belted shorts from Artizia | Shoes from Steven Madden | Styled by Knit Me Up

Fam (with my fake British accent), it’s been a long minute but I haven’t been gone, just working on other facets of Knit Me Up. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you really should because that’s where I've been pouring my efforts into for a while now. Between my last entry and this one, I’ve shared some fun and educational content on my Instagram and Facebook. Everything from doubling your closet - we’ll get into that soon - to #WinnersFabFinds, StyleAdventures, Client Tales, Body Questions 101 and more. Now that you know where I’ve been, I am beyond excited to start this entry of .…

“How To Double Your Closet”

If you know me well or have seen my closet, you’ll be shocked to see how many clothes I have. Here’s a funny secret, my older brother has more clothes than I do. Granted he loves shopping as much as I do BUT he’s still surprised whenever he sees how few clothes I have. Whats my secret ? Read on to adopt my formula.


  • STOP and ask yourself, when you buy something why do you buy it?

Was it for an event ? on sale ? the fit was magical and it felt just right ? Thing is, these are some strong grounds for very emotional purchases. Yes there are moments when you need to buy something new for a party or wedding, or there’s a mad sale going on that you can’t ignore, or you find a pair of jeans that fit just right so its blasphemy to say no to it. Trust me, I get it.

  • NEXT, ask yourself what percent of the clothes in your closet do you actually wear ?

I asked this question to ladies from a clothing swap event I presented at and most shouted anywhere from 30-40% of their clothes. That’s pretty low considering most of them probably have more clothes than I do.

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It’s Not About Quantity But Quality

Shop With Purpose


I just shared my most sacred secret with you so I hope you feel the love. It really is that simple but, what typically happens is an uncontrolled and emotional purchase which leaves you using 30% of your closet clothes . So here’s a TIP:

KMU TIP: BEFORE you buy AN ITEM, think OF other CLOTHES in your closet you can style THIS ITEM with.

If you cant remembeR YOUR CLOSET, style it with clothes at the store.

Here’s an example of how to style new clothes before buying them. The example here is “A White blouse from BCBGMAXAZRIA”.

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Step 1: Evaluate


  • This cotton blouse has very busy trumpet sleeves. I’ll always style it with a solid colour that has little to no designs to avoid too much action.


  • It’s a loose fit so I’ll always want to style it with something slimming/fitted on the bottom.


  • It’s a pretty neutral colour so it will most likely blend with a lot of colours (pink, blue, black, etc)

© Suzanne Nolan _-15.jpg

Step 2: Mentally Style

  • Because its a loose fit, I want to make sure I style it in a way that creates a waistline and highlights the smallest part of my body. So I will wear this top with a lot of high waist pants or jeans.

  • Not into high-waist things? there’s also pencil skirts or mid rise jeans. I would avoid low rise jeans or pants because the top falls straight down and almost flares at the bottom so your shape might get lost.

  • If I don’t tuck the top into some high rise pants, then I will wear tight leggings or skinny jeans to balance the looseness at the top.

    with this formula, WE CAN creatE more outfits with less clothes

Now you might think that these outfits look somewhat similar, but here’s the thing, no one notices these differences. Because you’re seeing the outfits back to back you can tell I’ve only switched out a top or bottom to re-create these looks. But trust me, people are busy with their own lives to realize the difference between outfit 1 and 2.

use these small changes and clothing swaps to make your closet look bigger than it actually is

It’s all about creatively experimenting with your clothes and highlighting the right parts of the body while doing so. Now, not everyone has the time to adopt this formula so just know that I am a simple phone call or email away ;)

At the end of the day, your style should make you feel something and you can have that without importing a million clothes into your closet.
— Your favourite personal stylist, knit me up