|Turtle NECK sweater from ZARA| aCID wash boyfriend jeans from diesel|

If you haven't noticed yet, I really like clean looks. As I've said before, less is more especially if you have detailed pieces. Turtlenecks are quite posh so I thought why not add them to a not so posh pair of boyfriend jeans that have character. The details of the outfit say "I can chill, but still be mature". 


Every pair of jeans has a story or at least that's what Levi's Live campaign tells us; I do agree though. A few years ago my sister and I went to Las Vegas and spent a whole day at the outlet mall. These were my first pair of Diesel and boyfriend jeans and they took some getting used to. The extra space all around made me feel like I was swimming in them but in reality, every time I wore it I would hear "I love those, but I could never pull them off". Little did they know I felt the same way. So that tells me anyone can own a look, you just need to embrace the uniqueness, add some creativity, patience and tie it up with confidence. 

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