Knit Me Up Stylist
Knit Me Up Stylist
Your Style Should Make You Feel Something

Ṣadé Babatunde

When I was much younger, I would use toilet paper to create dresses and outfits for my barbies. My poor mother, getting sick of finding toiler paper dresses all over the house, bought me some fabric and a sewing kit to help me pursue my "fashionista" aspirations. I continued to make all sorts of clothes for my barbies, from dresses to shorts, t-shirts and more. However, somewhere between living in Nigeria, England, Holland and now Canada, I stopped my clothing creations.

Fast forward to a few years ago. One day, after searching for jobs with a recent Marketing Degree, I decided to revive my #ootd picture taking on Instagram by only posting photos of outfits I created. One friend after another began asking for fashion advice, fashion assistance and actual shopping support. I enjoyed every detail of it and indeed I did my homework- the research on complimenting colours, personalities, body types and lifestyle. The hook was watching each client fall in love with outfits I created, and them realizing they could have such happiness with their clothes and style. 

This led me to start Knit Me Up.  It isn't just another fashion blog or personal styling service, it is about providing practical and creative ways to help you integrate your personality with your style potential.

At the end of the day, I strongly believe your style should make you feel something! 



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